Web Services

Fall 2021 ATLAS Web has begun transitioning to the College Marketing and Communications Team.  All information contained here is still valid and supported by the College as a joint effort between ATLAS and the LAS Marketing and Communications Team.

ATLAS can help you create or enhance your online presence.  Whether you need help creating a website for your department or unit, posting videos from student interviews, or creating a place to publish the work of your research grant ATLAS can provide technical consultation, editing tools, and hosting.  View a complete list of our services below.

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ATLAS Framework Documentation

For self-guided help with using the ATLAS Framework, please see our tutorials on Knowledgebase: Drupal Training.


ATLAS Framework Training Calendar

ATLAS offers in-person training sessions on how to use the Drupal Framework, in addition to offering special breakout sessions. Visit our Knowledgebase page to view video recordings of each session. To suggest a topic for a breakout session, email mharrah@illinois.edu.