ATLAS Web Framework

Site Structure Flexibility

Some components of the new framework are fixed such as the color scheme and the main navigation categories.  However, the specific pages under each navigation area are completely up to each department.  Additionally, the front-page of the site is made up of components that can be "mixed and matched" to highlight the content that is most pertinent to your department.  You can see a list of the front page components here.

Guided Content Types

Each piece of content you add to your site goes into one of several Content Types.  Each content type is designed to help guide you through the process and ensure that you have all of the necessary information.  You can see a full list of the Content Types currently offered and a description of each here.  Each content type also has a corresponding step-by-step training page available.

Current Departments

See a list of all sites currently using the ATLAS Web Framework.

Framework Updates

Periodically ATLAS will push updates and new features to all sites running on the ATLAS framework. Most of these updates will be minor performance and security updates, but one of the benefits of running on a common CMS is that we can also push out major design and feature updates to all our sites at once. Site owners and content managers will receive ample notice of these major updates well in advance, but we will also keep a running list of feature changes. View a list of feature updates.


If you have questions about your current website please contact