SpaceWalk VR Experience

VR spacewalk transports you to the International Space Station ...

Experience floating in space above a space shuttle. There are various missions users can complete as well. There are 2 modes, one for those who are more likely to get motion sickness, and one for those who don’t. The missions aren’t very beginner friendly, and it’s kind of hard to move.

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Commendable Aspects

The option to complete various missions while in space is interesting.

Headset Application

Lenovo Mirage Solo, Oculus Go

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Helpful Hints

When starting out, it would be best to keep the setting for “automatic motion” on. Without it, it becomes a bit hard to maneuver, and may cause more motion sickness.

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Forth Interact


It’s difficult to move around and find the correct satellites for the missions. Besides the missions, there is not much to do.

Date Evaluated

April 3, 2019

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