The Marvellous Machine

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This is an amazing VR experience on the concept of mindfulness for the hands-on learner who is visual. Mindfulness is a behavioral therapy technique that grounds a person in the present so that they can clear their minds of painful thoughts and emotions regarding the past and future. The narrator provides an outstanding visual presentation in a steam factory scene full of moving gears that represent the machine of our minds. She guides the viewer on how to detach emotionally and mentally from painful thoughts (past or present) by essentially learning non-judgement of those thoughts, and by understanding that we all truly do have control over our minds via this technique. Pain that is noticed and released (vs being judged and latched onto emotionally) does not cascade into layers of suffering (anxieties, sadness, fears, regrets). This concept of "talk therapy" has become one of the most evidenced based form of psychotherapy.

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Educational, Narrative, Relaxation/Meditation

Commendable Aspects

The narration in this app is really outstanding and you can learn some life changing things from just a few minutes in this experience.

Headset Application

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Rift S

Potential Applications

This would be very beneficial in a psychology classroom setting and any class learning about the mind, meditation/relaxation, and how therapy.

Helpful Hints

The game can feel a bit dark when you start but if you stick with it, it is really a great experience.

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4/5 stars


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