Centers and Unit Websites

There is much work going on in units surrounding our academic units.  One of the missions of these groups is sharing their work with the larger community.  Whether it is announcing a new lecture series, promoting a new course, or introducing people to new publications and news, a website is a great way to get this information out.  ATLAS is here to walk you through the tools available on Campus and help you find the best fit and create a solution that matches your unique needs.

Publish.Illinois.EDU (PIE)

One simple option for research groups is to create a WordPress site on the campus PIE service.  WordPress allows for easier editing of your site content from anywhere you have a web connection.  It also provides continuity across rotating graduate student staff.  ATLAS has created several LAS themes that can tie your WordPress site to the LAS College and Campus branding.  We are also available to create custom designs for your group and have access to back-end tools that can go beyond the basic PIE offerings.  The PIE service also offers several other themes that provide several looks for your site.  You can find more information about PIE here and if you need help getting started, contact


For situations where you need other software, the campus hosting service called cPanel may meet your needs.  It provides simple one-click installations of many open-source web based software in a safe hosting space.  You can also use this space for custom applications you have created in PHP or Python and using MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.  You can find more information about cPanel here and if you need help getting started, contact

Custom Web Publishing

There are many other situations that will require web publishing, and ATLAS is available to create custom websites or more complex solutions.  To start the conversation, please contact