Web Design & Maintenance

ATLAS is here to help you publish your content online in the most effective and easily maintained manner.  We have several hosting options that can meet any need and range from course space, full departmental websites, or custom development.  We can also help you use campus resources available to you to make the most of what the University as a whole has to offer.

A focus on Accessibility

Sites designed for accessibility do more than meet legal requirements; they are easier to update, ensure a consistent look and feel across browsers & platforms, are optimized for search engines, reach the widest possible audience, and stay ahead of an evolving web. Making web content accessible to all ensures the campus online presence never turns away students, researchers, or friends of the university.

Adapting to a Modern Audience

Today's website audience arrives at your site on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.  ATLAS develops only responsive web designs.  Whether this be through use of the ATLAS Frameworkcampus WordPress solution, or custom design.  Your website will look and function great on all devices.

Helping you navigate the online options

"Online" has grown to encompass much more than websites.  If you have questions about how to tackle your web presence, please contact us for a consultation for a specific need or just to chat about your options.