ATLAS Moodle Team Survey

Dear Students,

The official Moodle platform is one of the major course management systems that the University of Illinois uses. Currently, the Moodle app is in its transition period – we are working hard to refine and develop a new, individualized application specifically for our University. We on the University of Illinois Moodle development team want to ensure the app is more beneficial and user-friendly for the students who use the platform, in the interest of allowing the highest academic performance. We ask you to share your opinions and experience with the official (non-University of Illinois) Moodle App that is available to download on mobile devices. This data will be very helpful to our work, and our survey will only take approximately 7 minutes.

Please use the link below to access and complete the survey:

Included below are photos that detail the work our team has completed. Please view these at your discretion to better understand the design philosophy the team has employed. 


Photo Grid Images