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ATLAS Internship Program

Our program aims to help students in the College of LAS gain hands-on learning with technology and allow them to have real work experience to prepare them better for the job market after graduation.

We believe that technology is ubiquitous in this day and age, and that regardless of a person’s background or major, they can and will use technology in their life and career. One of our goals is to begin giving the tools to be successful in such situations. Here is a link to interns that have worked for us in the past and what they have done:

Part of our goal is for this to be a learning experience—we will help train the students in the skills they need for their project. We have two staff members who help with project management and will be available to help the interns with their project as need be.

ATLAS Internship Staff

The ATLAS Internship Staff is what makes the ATLAS Internship Program so different from similar programs on campus.
The program is overseen by the Internship Program Director, who makes final calls on clients and any critical issues. Internship Coordinators handle the daily operations of the Internship Program itself. Each client is assigned to one coordinator who will help guide the project throughout the semester. Coordinators will meet with clients, define projects needs and goals, and establish learning objectives for the interns. Internship Coordinators will handle the job coaching and academic side of the internship. Coordinators help hold interns responsible for their work and keep in close contact with both the client and the intern to resolve any problems that may arise over the semester.


Internship Coordinators

Coordinators place the interns with each client, allowing the client to focus on the project instead of sifting through resumes of students. ATLAS Internship Coordinators will also carefully monitor any academic credit an intern may be receiving from the experience and provide them with any necessary job coaching. Coordinators provide feedback to interns and help with troubleshooting for their projects.

Coordinators schedule and promote workshops where interns can learn valuable life skills, such as strategic planning and resume building. The ATLAS Internship Program also has a designated office for interns to work out of if they cannot work on location with their client.  We encourage our interns to work together and reach out to learn more. 

Be a Client

In order to determine which of our interns might be a good fit for your business, we need to know the details of the work you’d like accomplished. We will then go through applicants and try to find the best match for your project.  Also on the right-side menu, we have some client resources that can help you know what all we will need from you, as a client. 

Contact for more information regarding the Internship Program!