Teaching and Learning with Technology

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  • ATLAS Care is a computer refresh program that is LAS college wide. The program's goal is to ensure that all LAS faculty and staff have reliable, up to date, and warrantied computers that are on a 5-year refresh cycle. Read full story
  • The Scantron Results application can be used to electronically distribute the results of a scantron exam from the files provided by CITL. If you are an officially listed instructor for a course, you already have the permissions that you need to use the Scantron Results application and may do so by... Read full story
  • ATLAS Exam Attendance, a web-based application, offers faculty and teaching support a checkin interface that will both save time for exam proctors and ensure the identity of students taking an exam. Combining information from campus data with the student’s credentials, securely checking in and out... Read full story