Mathematics VR Apps

  • BuckeyeVR: Virtual reality physics and math education by Buckeye VR.

    Visualize functions, vector fields and parametric surfaces in virtual reality on your mobile device.

  • Calcflow on Steam

    Gives a 3D representation of various graphs. Users are able to explore multiple example graphs, or input their own. The graphs tend to be very complex.

  • Calculus in Virtual Reality on the App Store

    Use virtual reality to learn in depth concepts about Calculus in 1,2, and 3-dimension as well as Analytic Geometry.  It covers information about graphs, curves, surfaces, vectors, and functions in several variables.

  • Virtualitics grabs another $7M in funding to drive its VR data ...

    Upload and visualize you data sets in three dimensions, and interact with coworkers to analyze information.

  • GeoGebra AR - 6 Amazing Augmented Reality Experiences On iPad That ...

    Place mathematical objects and graphs of up to 3 dimensions on any surface using a camera. The use may take screenshots and use previously taken photos as backgrounds.  You may adjust the angle and "magnify" certain parts of the shape or graph to conduct analysis.

  • VR Math - Apps on Google Play

    Learn mathematics and its respective applications using virtual reality tools.  Visualize and solve problems in three dimensions.

  • Medieval Math Motivates Players to Solve Problems in Order to ...

    Defend your kingdom by solving math problems and earn upgrades by entering correct answers to equations. 

  • Math Classroom Challenge Windows, VR, AR, iOS, XONE game - Indie DB

    Solve mathematical equations that a generated then find and select them in your environment.