Our computer classrooms include presentation equipment for the instructor as well as computers for students. If you do not need student computers, please check for a general assignment Technology Enhanced classroom from CMSS. Requests can be placed for both current and future terms, for entire semesters, or distinct dates. Meeting the "priority deadlines" for future semesters gives you the best chance of getting your first choice in meeting time and day. Be sure to specify all software you will need, even if it was there last semester, and let us know if you need it in the open lab for students to access when not in class.

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Classroom Locations

  • Davenport Hall 338: has 30 seats and is located on the 3rd floor of the NW corner/quad-side
  • English Building 304: is located on the 3rd floor of SE corner/quad-side. This room does NOT have student computers. It is a flexible classroom with multiple displays and seating for 49 people, including instructors.
  • Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics Building
    • 17 seat room: G8b
    • 20 seat rooms: G3, G52
    • 30 seat rooms: G7, G13, G17, G23
    • 40 seat rooms: G8a, G27
    • Open Lab: G8D
    • View FLB basement ADA map
      • Please note: G3 is not listed but is greyed-out top right corner of the basement map and G7 is still shown as rooms G9 & G11 which were remodeled and combined into G7

Classroom Resources

Typical ATLAS Classrooms offer instructors a resident Windows computer connected to a laser projector, which is operated by a push-button control pad. Our stations also feature an HDMI port for laptops and other personal devices (cable is provided), as well as an Apple TV for people with Apple iOS and OX devices that have Airplayalso for Windows/Android users who have installed AirParrot 2 on their device.

Headsets with a microphone are available for each student workstation as well as the instructor's. Please make an equipment request for headsets when your room request is placed, or ask for them at the Help Desk in FLB G89.

Both a Bluray player and Bluetooth microphone are available for ATLAS Classroom Use. Please make an equipment request for them when your room request is placed, or ask for them at the Help Desk in FLB G89.

Additional software/hardware may be available upon request and as available.

ADA: Each classroom has at least one student ADA desk, and most have a trackball mouse. Assistive listening systems are present in some rooms. Further ADA resources can be provided upon request.

Please contact atlas-rooms@illinois.edu for any problems or questions or submit a room problem at this link.