This page contains notes about known software, hardware, and computer issues in our classrooms and labs. Some of the entries include work-around solutions, but others are just warnings about common problems which we have not been able to resolve.

If there's a problem not listed here, please contact us at or submit a help ticket.

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  • When printing from our rooms, you must go to the print release station in room G8 FLB. Jobs will remain in the queue for about 90 minutes before they are cleared out.
  • When printing files from the internet, save it to the desktop first, and then print that version. Printing files you opened from email, Compass, or elsewhere may often fail or take a long time.
  • Printing sizable files in general (like images, maps, PDFs, & PowerPoint presentations) can take a long time. It's the size of the file, not the number of pages that matters. To avoid delays do not print at the same time as the rest of your class or during the middle of the day.

Opening Files

  • Save all files to the desktop and open them there, rather than directly from email, CDs, USB keys, or servers.
  • If you have trouble opening a file by double-clicking on it, open the software you want to use first, and then go to FILE > OPEN and browse to the file.
  • For media playback, we recommend using VLC, or VideoLAN--an open-source media player that seems to have fewer issues here than other players.
  • USB KEYS marked U3 will probably not work in our rooms.

Web Browser Issues

As a general rule, if you encounter Java or plug-in issues, a crashing browser, or other issues that follow, just try a different browser. We offer Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

  • Moodle, Compass, YouTube:  We recommend that you do NOT use Internet Explorer.
  • Cintro: Must use Internet Explorer, but you have to use the 32-bit version, which is in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Yahoo Mail: Downloading files from Yahoo accounts has been problematic. Try forwarding the file to another email account (Gmail, University) and download from there.

Lose a File While Trying to Save It?

Try to re-open it or do a "save as" from the software you were using. See where it points, & then look there. Or go to START > RUN, type in "C:" then hit return. Type: C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNETID\Local Settings\Temp


  • You may need to press the appropriate function buttons on your laptop to get it to display on our projectors. It may take a few times to cycle through to the right setting. Your laptop can project to its screen, also to an external screen or only to an external screen. You want the 2nd setting, but you'll need to know how to do that on your laptop.
  • Most laptops are now widescreen. Sometimes the projectors have problems projecting in widescreen while your laptop screen is also on. In these instances, the projected image may be small or the laptop screen may be distorted. You may have to project only to the external monitor (and not to your laptop screen) or change the resolution on your laptop to 1024 x 768.
  • Mac users also may have to switch to mirror mode, or your laptop reads the projector as a second, extended screen.


  • Wimba in Moodle works best with Firefox. You may have to perform work-around steps, some of which can be found here:
  • When recording audio in Moodle, you must click “yes” when prompted to accept the Java certificate or click on various pop-up messages as prompted. If you don't, it won't work.
  • Also, please tell your students how to save the files, or they will lose them. We usually can't help with that.
  • Please let us know if you have problems, but we may not be able to resolve the issue immediately.

Can't Log in? Locked out?

What happened: For places that require an AD password, if you try to log in too many times in a row with the wrong password, your AD account will be locked. If you know your AD password, you can unlock it. If you are not certain you know it, you may want to reset it as well as unlock it.

You can reset your AD password at this site or read more about password management here.