The Digital Signage Project with ATLAS owns digital signs around campus, two of which are in the English Building atrium. The goal of the project is to increase student interaction and provide a variety of content that is interesting to students. The Project would like to open up submissions to anyone that is interested.

Examples of content include upcoming events, digital flyers, increased awareness about a cause, RSO, etc. The Digital Signage Project has even worked with Creative Writing majors last semester to post some of their poetry on signs.

Please note that the signs in the atrium have interactivity functions attached. There are HAL buttons to maneuver through the signs, as well as a card reader. If students swipe their iCard, an image of the current sign will be emailed to them. Any other information that is attached with the sign (like a link to a website) will be available for students to access as well.


  • We have templates available for you to use. You may choose the one that is most applicable to create your sign. Please save as a png or jpeg file in a 16x9 aspect ratio (1920x1080 pixels, 72 dpi). Max file size is 5MB.
  • Horizontal content will display better than vertical ones.
  • For students: if you are submitting poetry or prose, we ask that you submit a shorter piece or an excerpt. If you are submitting artwork, keep in mind that horizontal pieces are best.
  • To ensure that your content is readable, a minimum of 20 point font (Times New Roman, Veranda, Arial) and high contrast levels (such as dark text on light background) is recommended.
  • Slides rotate every 25 seconds.
  • You may indicate the start and end date for your sign to be displayed. Content must be submitted at least five days before event start date.
  • If no end date is specified, signs will be posted for three weeks or until an event date has passed. Signs will automatically be deleted at the end of each semester.
  • You may include additional information with your sign, such as a link to a website or a short student author biography. All extra information will be available to students if they swipe their iCard on your sign.
  • Content must abide with the University Student Code. This includes work pertaining to nudity, discrimination, alcohol, etc.
  • Copyrighted images or material should not be used without permission. 

Please submit everything to this form. Final approval and display is at the discretion of ATLAS and the Digital Signage Project.