Log into ATLAS Data Services Center (DSC)!

ATLAS Self-Service Report Delivery has been upgraded and is now the ATLAS Data Services Center (DSC).  DSC is an online, self-service, report generation engine that aims to provide secured, categorized, and flexible parameter-based reports that support units’ operational needs and data-driven decision making.  The DSC is searchable using a text search or metadata and gives you the ability to favorite reports.  Set up your profile to have the DSC suggest reports that may be of interest to you. 

Two significant improvements with DSC are:  

  • ATLAS is now exposing nearly all of our reports so they may be found - even if you don't currently have access!
  • Any data provider across campus can be setup as a Data Provider in the DSC so that reports can be found, no matter who created the report.

To start searching for reports, just log into DSC using your campus credentials.  Directions for the Discovery feature is available in the campus KB.

Data Providers on campus interested in registering your reports into the DSC should email atlas-apps@illinois.edu and ask for Data Provider access.