Admit Term

This stands for Admittance term, which represents the semester that the students in the report were admitted to the University.

Ex.:"Fall 2007"


This is used when searching through a variety of reports in a particular area. The application is the specific information that you are searching for within the given forum.

Ex.: "ATLAS Delivery Reports", or "MCB Absence Report".


The semester term that you want to receive data from.

Ex.:"Fall 2007".


The academic college you are receiving data from. For Student Reports, it means "the student's Administrative College". For the Course Roster, it means "the college that offers the courses".

Ex.: "LAS"

Student Level

The academic level of the students you are receiving record from.


Student Type

The student's status for admission to the University of Illinois.

Ex.: "Beginning freshman or Transfer"


This is the actual date that you want to receive your data from.


**Remember that in order to receive the most accurate data for a specific term you should match the Snapshot date to the most recent in the term you are analyzing.**

**Also for reports such as the UIN for DARS report, remember to choose the first date available AFTER the Banner Grade Roll.**


This is the department that you wish to collect data from.

Ex.: "Business Administration" or "All Departments".

Course Subject

This is the course subject that you wish to receive information on.

Ex.: "All Subjects"

Course Number

This is the course number that you wish to receive information on.

Ex.: "All Numbers"

Address Type

This is the address type that you want to receive information from.

Ex.: "Mailing"

Prior Term

This is the previous term that will compare to a more recent term.

Ex.: "Spring 2007"

Effective Term

This is term of the most recent record, which will most likely be used to compare a prior term.

Ex.: "Fall 2007"


This is the appropriate major that you are looking to receive date for.

Ex.:"Atmospheric Sciences", or "All Majors"

Start Date

Some reports will give data over a period of time. Start Date is where you mark the beginning date, correlated with an end date that will determine when your data begins retrieval.

Ex.: "12/1/2007 12:00:00 AM"

End Date

The End Date is correlated with a Start Date that is used for reports that give data over a period of time. This determines the last day that you will receive information on the specified search.

Ex.: "10/31/2007 12:00:00 AM"

Group By

When dealing with large groups of information, the Group By function allows you to choose how the information gets grouped.

Ex.: "Term"

Report Format

All reports are available in both PDF and Excel format. This entry specifies which format is best to view the report. As a guideline, PDF files are best for printing and Excel files are best for working interactively.

Ex: "PDF"