Using Zoom: Technical Tips and Tricks


Become a Zoom pro just in time for Fall semester by checking out this article from IT @Cornell. 

Topics covered in this article include: 

  1. New Security Icon Options for Meeting Hosts
  2. Enable the Waiting Room Feature
  3. Disable Join Before Host
  4. Meeting Passwords
  5. Limit Screen Sharing to the Host
  6. Meeting Security When Scheduling Zoom Meetings Using Your Outlook Calendar
  7. Remove a Participant from a Zoom Meeting or Webinar
  8. Lock Your Session 

For additional information, you can refer to this PowerPoint or this video presentation made by ATLAS staff. Also, please consider contacting ATLAS to schedule an individual consultation or group training session for both faculty and staff members on how to use Zoom to teach, as well as on how to keep meetings safe and secure. Stay on the lookout in weeks to come for more updated information to be shared.