Requesting New Features, Tools, and Integrations in Moodle


Our team is committed to providing the best possible support to LAS Moodle users including considering requests from our faculty for improvements such as new features or external tool integrations like LTIs and plug-ins. Please submit your request for such a feature or tool.

As a reminder, ATLAS remains committed to supporting your IT needs even if you continue to work remotely.


Your ATLAS IT pro can provide virtual assistance remotely even if you are working from home. Please submit your request for IT assistance as you normally do and we will connect with you to help. If you are working on campus and require assistance rest assured that ATLAS will follow all COVID safety protocols to insure a safe interaction.

Additionally if you are in need of computer resources the Campus is providing a no cost loan option for things such as laptops, microphones, and internet hotspots.  


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