Zoom Minimum Client Version Requirement



Starting on Sunday, August 8th, 2021 at 12:00 am, Technology Services will begin the regular requirement of a minimum Zoom client version. After this time, Zoom clients that do not meet the minimum version requirements will not allow you to log in. This change does not impact those using only a web browser to connect to Zoom.

The requirement of a minimum version will ensure that Zoom users are not susceptible to known security vulnerabilities. It will also better align the features and functionality that can be used during Zoom meetings/webinars.

Required Minimum Version Information


The new required minimum version will be 5.7.0 (released June 21st) for the following clients:

  • Zoom for Windows
  • Zoom for macOS
  • Zoom for Linux
  • Zoom for Mobile on iOS and Android devices

Zoom clients on Chrome OS will be required to use version 5.0.1(4287.0524) (released May 25th).

For help with finding your current Zoom client version number, visit this Zoom support article. More information on how to update Zoom clients can be found on the Knowledge Base or Zoom website.

Leading up to August 8th, reminders will be sent out through various channels for faculty, staff, and students to notify them of this upcoming change. We are directing faculty and staff who need assistance to first reach out to the IT staff in their departments. Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at consult@illinois.edu, 217-244-7000, or via request at help.illinois.edu with any questions.