Since you are nearing the end of your internship it is important that you pass on your knowledge to the next intern(s) that will be taking over your position. Below is a template on how your note should be organized and what kind of information should be included. 

Dear Future Intern: 

<Welcome to the Project> 

<Who Am I? How long have I been on the project? What semester did I start and end? How long has this project been going on? What were my thoughts before I started?> 

<What are my thoughts now? What have I accomplished? What goals did I accomplish? What is the list of items still to complete? How has this internship helped me? Challenges I overcame?> 



< List any resources you used that were important to help you gain your footing in the project **Please put any resources, documentation, meetings notes and links in your Project's Box Folder**>

<What are some important problems that the new intern will have to solve for the project?> 

<What are some issues (if any) in general that the project still has?>

<What does the future look like for the project?> 

<What components still need to be completed?>

<Tips for the new intern you wish you knew before you started> 


Good Luck,

<Your name>




Other components to consider for specific Projects: 

Specific to Social Media Projects

  • Login info for each platform
  • How frequently posts were done
  • any images to still use or logos created
  • run down of colors/fonts of the organization
  • Link to Box Folder for project


Specific to Website Projects

  • Login info for back-end 
  • where is the website housed? platform? host? Server?
  • screenshots of anything important or confusing
  • Github logins/passwords
  • Link to Box Folder for project