ATLAS Study Group = Foundations of Data Science (an edX Course)

Are you curious what all the talk is about with data science?  Did you know you don't have to be a math or stats major to be interested in, or to do, data science?

ATLAS will be hosting a study group for LAS students interested in taking the free online Foundations of Data Science course created by Berkeley and hosted on edX.  The short introduction course is self paced, completely online, and can be completed in 5 weeks or less.  This study group will provide the opportunity for in-person discussions and help, accountability for those not used to self paced courses, and snacks!

Please fill out this form to indicate your participation and note your preferred study group times.  This will help us find specific meeting times and ensure we have enough snacks.  

The study group will be done before finals.


  • Week 1: October 29 - November 2
  • Week 2: November 5-9
  • Week 3: November 12-16
  • No meeting Fall Break: November 17-25 
  • Week 4: November 26-30
  • Week 5: December 3-7





  • ATLAS Study Group is open to ALL LAS students
  • No prior data/programming experience needed
  • The course is not offered for academic credit, but it is offered for experience and resume building. 
  • Expect to invest 4-6 hours per week - maybe a little more for those who have not programmed before.
  • Course is hosted on the edX platform and uses logins through that system.
  • A completion certificate from edX is available for purchase but not required to participate. 
  • The course is self-paced, but the material is divided into weekly sections. You are welcome to move faster!
  • Hands-on quizzes and labs are included! 
  • EdX automatically evaluates your quiz responses and lab code, and it saves your results for later reference.
  • Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed. All examples and labs are in online Jupyter notebooks hosted by Google. However, students may use Anaconda and Visual Studio Code for free to do work on their own machines.
  • The course developers created their own "datascience" Python package to take some complexity out of data operations. This package is freely available to install.
  • For immediate questions related to course content, the course discussion boards feature many useful answers and discussions. The boards are no longer active, but they are a good first stop for information.


To sign up or get more information about this Study Group please email the ATLAS Internship Program.