Buying Computers and Software

Are you looking to buy a new computer or computer software? Are you a UIUC student? Check out these resources offered through the University!

TechZone at the Illini Union

Here students can purchase new computers and other technical hardware. TechZone can also help with computer repair, including help from Apple Certified Repair Staff!


Interested in purchasing software for free or at a good price? Be sure to check out the Illinois WebStore! The WebStore has some free software, including the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Other programs, such as those in the Adobe suite, are available at a discount for all students. If these sound good to you, head over to the WebStore for details on how to purchase or download the software you want to use.


Just need something for a short time? Check out Equipment Checkouts at the Media Commons in the Undergrad Library! They can provide you with short term rentals on everything from Cameras, Presentation Equipment, Gaming Systems, Tablets, Cables, and more!