VR Catalog

Virtual Reality in Higher Education

Virtual reality is a fully immersive experience that has a wide variety of purposes, including great educational benefit. This allows for a novel learning experience that is both satisfying and engaging. The ATLAS program has created a catalog of virtual reality hardware and software, along with other equipment such as headsets and controllers. These technologies are available to be loaned out through the ATLAS scheduler, which you can find on this website!

Virtual Reality at UIUC
Amazing Uses for VR in the College Classroom

Human Anatomy VR

Allows the user to explore various human anatomy systems (skeletal, muscular, ear, etc.). Also provides quizzes about each system so students can test their knowledge.

Google Arts and Culture VR

View artworks curated by museums from around the world with the Google Arts & Culture VR app.

Calc Flow

Gives a 3D representation of various graphs. Users are able to explore multiple example graphs, or input their own. The graphs tend to be very complex.

Astronomy VR

In this application, find the most important concepts on astronomy, a voice synthesizer and explained in a simple and enjoyable way.