Davenport Hall 338 Classroom

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Room 338 Davenport Hall is a fixed-desk computer classroom. First priority for full-semester scheduling is given to classes in the Department of Geography, which opted to share the room over ten years ago with other LAS classes. Classes from other departments will be placed in 338 once the full term schedule is set.


Room 338 is about 25’ deep by 35’ long and is located at the NW corner of the building with windows on 2 walls. The room features a carpeted floor and a high ceiling. There are shades for the windows, 3 air conditioning units, and radiators. The desks are lined in peninsulas from the west wall with the podium, marker boards and primary projector located on the east wall. The projector system is operated by a push-button control pad and is connected to a computer. ATLAS Classrooms offer instructors a resident Windows computer connected to a laser projector, which is operated by a push-button control pad. Our stations also feature an HDMI port for laptops and other personal devices (cable is provided), as well as an AppleTV for people with Apple iOS and OX devices that have Airplay - also for Windows/Android users who have installed AirParrot 2 on their device.