Classrooms & Lab Tips

This page contains information to help you use our classrooms and labs.

See also: known issues and Equipment Guide


You need your campus NetID Password to use our computers. If you don't know your password, our desk staff in G8 FLB can help you reset it. Or for a complete & official explanation of your passwords, please visit the Technology Services Password Page or a CITES help desk


Vision allows instructors to control and communicate with all the student computers in a classroom. You can monitor them, chat with them, and block them from just the internet or from their computer entirely. Vision does NOT allow for the transfer of audio from one computer to another.

Headsets & Microphones

Headsets are available for all classroom and lab computers (except room G58 FLB). If you have trouble with the microphone, you may need to verify the computer audio settings are correct. These instructions may vary slightly or appear slightly different depending on the model of computer you are using.

  • If there is a volume knob on the headphone cable, be sure it is turned up (towards the +).
  • Make sure the headset is plugged into the FRONT of the computer, not the back (unless you are in G27, where there's only 1 place to plug in the headset).
Foreign Language Computing

ATLAS lab and classroom computers can be configured so that you can type in non-English languages. You will choose an input language and a keyboard layout. Students should talk to their instructors to find out the proper settings. Spelling and grammar check may be available as well, but we have found these tools to be somewhat faulty, so please don't rely solely on them.