We recommend reviewing the Recording Basics guide from the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL), which can help you ensure the quality of the pre-recorded or live-streamed videos.  Courses of over 100 students are encouraged to use pre-recorded videos rather than live delivery.

Synchronous (live) delivery 

You can schedule your face-to-face lectures to be delivered via Zoom. This can be done as a straight lecture, or augmented with PowerPoint slides or even annotated slides if one has a tablet. This option requires high-speed internet for both the instructor and the students. For this reason, use this option when interactions with and between students are necessary pedagogically. For more details on using Zoom  to deliver a live session, please review the Teaching with Zoom" help document.

Asynchronous (pre-recorded)  videos 

Record your synchronous (Live) Zoom sessions for on-demand viewing. 

You can record your Zoom session, then download these videos from the Zoom Cloud and upload them to the Illinois Media Space (Kaltura). This allows students to rewatch the session on-demand. For details on how to do this, visit this help document.