Classroom Deadlines

Priority Deadlines for Classroom Scheduling & Software Requests

Requests can still be made after the deadline, but they will be placed only after all of those submitted by the deadline. Requests made after the deadline will be processed in the order in which they were received.

Because we have a limited number of rooms and extremely high demand, we have to prioritize requests that fit the criteria below:

  • Priority is given to courses that follow FMS standardized meeting times. Those that do not may not be approved until the requested semester begins.
  • Requests for unofficial courses, non-course meetings, or unofficial class meetings may not be approved until that semester begins.
  • Until the start of a given term, we only approve full term requests. After that the rooms are opened up for distinct date requests.

Requests submitted by the deadline are all handled at once and have the best chance of getting placed. A few weeks after the deadline has passed we begin placing anything submitted after the deadline in the order that the requests are received.

Deadlines for Priority Reservations


  • Begin accepting requests on NOV 1.
  • Priority Deadline: 5PM on FEB 1.
  • We confirm or deny placement by MAR 1.


  • Begin accepting requests on MAY 1.
  • Priority Deadline: 5PM on SEP 1.
  • We confirm or deny placement by OCT 1.


  • Begin accepting requests on NOV 1.
  • Priority Deadline: 5PM on JAN 15.
  • We confirm or deny placement by FEB 15.
Final Exams

FMS decides the schedule and locations for all Final Exams on campus. About halfway through a semester they provide us with a list of courses scheduled in our rooms. After that we will begin scheduling other requests for finals in the order they were received. You may place requests sooner, but we cannot confirm until they clear us to.



  • To have software installed by the first week of a term, please submit your request by these dates:
  • For Spring Classes: DEC 1
  • For Summer & Fall classes: MAY 1

Please visit this page for more information