Classroom Software

  • Instructors may request software in our open lab and our classrooms.
  • News & Request Deadlines for our rooms, including major software changes.
  • We may require up to 15 business days (M-F) advanced notice to install items.
    • However, to have software ready for the first & second weeks of a new term, requests are due:
      • by May 1 for Summer & Fall semesters
      • by Dec 1 for Spring semester

Please Note

  • Our rooms are subject to unannounced upgrades or removal from classrooms between terms. Please do not assume that the same version or even the most basic software will be in a room, even if what you want was there last semester.
  • Licensing constraints or software requiring complicated configurations or admin access for users may prevent us from installing some applications.
  • Please always include everything you need in your room reservation requests.
Requesting specific versions of software

You can use the comments field when reserving a classroom to specify a particular version or to find out what version will be available in an upcoming term. Due to licensing and management issues, we may not be able to meet all requests. Which version of software we install normally depends upon the needs of the majority of room users.

Testing in advance

We recommend testing software in advance of your reservation. Late changes or fixes might not be possible. Try out the software in the classroom or, if you are requesting new software, you can arrange to meet with ATLAS staff during the installation process

Unsupported Software

There are some applications that we do not support for various reasons.

  • SAS Enterprise Miner (all versions.)
  • GOM Player (all versions--for legality & security reasons.)
  • DivX player (for security reasons. We do provide the codecs to allow divx movie playback using other supported media players, such as Windows Media Player, Real Player and VLC.)
  • Trial software (We only support licensed software, not temproary or trial versions, though if you are looking to test the software before purchasing it, we might be able to make arrangements.)