ATLAS currently provides three types of storage: 

Bulk Storage

This service provides cost-effective storage which is comprised of two storage units, one in Champaign-Urbana and one in Springfield. This provides flexibility to meet a range of storage needs!  Bulk storage can meet many needs for researchers:

  • Need storage for your research group that is backed up? 
  • Process data directly from our HPC cluster? 
  • Large data sets?
  • Just a backup location for local data?

Fast Storage

This storage is provided via our Virtual Machine service.  Most of our VMs will give you access to our Hybrid (SSD + traditional) storage; this typically gives you double the performance over traditional only storage by doubling your IOPS and halving your latency.  

High-availability storage 

This service replicates your data to another storage unit instantly hence it gives you immediate access to your data in case of a loss of a controller or entire storage unit.  It is typically suitable for small (< 1TB) storage where you need access to your data 24x7 such as your important documents.

For more information regarding how to purchase storage in any of the above categories please email: