ATLAS Internship Program

Come Visit Us!

We have locations in Room G8C of the Foreign Language Building or Room 15 in the English Building!

707 S Mathews Ave 608 Wright St
G8C Foreign Language Building  15 English Building 
Urbana, IL 61801 Urbana, IL 61801

Our Goal

In today's technology driven society, computational skills are being utilized as a problem solving tool in many different professional fields. So, here at ATLAS, our aim is to help students in LAS integrate knowledge in their course of study with technology to help gain a unique and versatile skill set.

We hope to help students develop a deeper understanding of technology and expose them to skills that are essential and can help them thrive in the workplace.  ATLAS gives students countless opportunities to apply themselves in a professional work setting which allows them to gain valuable work experience and transferable skills.

Semester-long internships are offered internally within ATLAS as well as externally at various departments in the College of LAS and other University-affiliated organizations.

What We Look For

We accept students of all calibers who are in the College of LAS. Our program has seen a wide array of majors spanning the College of LAS—you can check out some of our previous interns! Our unique program also has no GPA requirements and no prior experience is necessary. All we look for is an interest in technology, motivation, a passion for learning and the drive to succeed!

Email to set up an appointment to visit our offices or for more information.

Go here: ATLAS Internship Application  to apply!