Interns may find the following templates and documents helpful over the course of their internship!

Time Expectations: How much time interns are required to dedicate to their internship and what that entails.

General Semester Schedule: A quick overview of what an intern should be accomplished throughout a semester.

Internship Handbook: The official handbook for all ATLAS interns. Necessary to be read by each ATLAS intern at the start of their project.

Intern Spotlight: Learn more about what other ATLAS interns are accomplishing or find your own spotlight!

Showcase Info: Resource and content guide for Showcases.

Note to Future Intern: A one page letter to the intern who will take over your position in the future for them to review during the transition period.

8 Ways to Get the Most from Your Internship: A helpful doc that interns can use to maximize their internship experience.

Certificate Completion Requirements: Find out what makes a successful intern here at ATLAS.