Skills Tracks Available for Self-Paced Skill Building
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ATLAS Internship Program is providing Skills Tracks for LAS students who are interested in furthering their technical skills in different core areas. 

Skills Tracks are staff curated courses that combine different online sources in one place for students to follow and receive Lynda.com certifications as well as further training on skill sets. Additionally ATLAS Staff will be available to assist and guide students through the courses with additional hands-on practice.  A student who successfully completes a Skills Track will be invited to interview for an ATLAS Internship should they apply for future semesters. 

We have many Skills Tracks to choose from, see below for descriptions on each. Fill out an application with what Skills Track you are interested in and an ATLAS coordinator will be in touch!

Office Communication Track:
(Helpful for all interns)

This skill-building course is offered by the ATLAS Internship Program to assist students in acclimating to a traditional or virtual office environment.  The course offers opportunities to learn effective collaboration and communication skills and practice the skills in an office simulation.  Students will have mentors who offer support in adjusting to office expectations and exploring professional paths.  Upon completion of this course, ATLAS students will be listed on the ATLAS Internship Program website and have increased priority for future internship placements with ATLAS Internship Program.

Website Development Track:

The skill-building courses Web Development 1 and Web Development 2 are separate 4 weeks courses offered by the ATLAS Internship Program to introduce students to basic Website Development. WebDev 1 Skills Track is designed to help students gain knowledge with Wordpress, publish.illinois.edu, Balsamiq (a tool for web design), and website accessibility. Throughout this course you will design, discuss, and develop your own website. After completion of WebDev 1 Skills Track you have the option to further your knowledge with WebDev 2 Skills Track. During this course, you will develop your own website, learn C-panel, and explore the possibilities of website customization.

Data Track:

This skill-building course is offered by the ATLAS Internship Program to assist students in Data Visualization Using Excel and Tableau. Learn how to transform data into compelling graphics and dashboards using Excel and Tableau. During this course, you'll become fluent in the necessary tools to create Tableau dashboards, analyze different datasets, and create visualizations in Excel.

Social Media/Marketing Track:

This skill-building course is offered by the ATLAS Internship Program to introduce students to digital and social media marketing. Students explore principles, strategies, tools, and tactics related to social media marketing and analytics. Students explore how success is measured in a digital and social media marketing campaign. Students will create a social media/marketing plan, learn how to use Canva and AirTable as well as how to analyze social media posts.

Educational Technology Track:

This self-paced, facilitated supported skill-building course is offered by the ATLAS Internship Program to assist students in discovering how technology can personalize learning by creating relevant and engaging experiences to meet individual learning goals.  The course will offer opportunities for project-based learning in the field of educational technology. Participants will develop technology skills using creativity, collaboration and leadership by engaging in current world education challenges.