Specific ATLAS Internship Projects

We have ongoing projects that require a certain skill set or are more popular for students. This is a breakdown of those projects and what they involve. If you are interested in applying to one of these specific projects please mark that on your application.

Educational Technology

The aim of Education Technology is to improve the teaching and learning experience by using technology. 

Educational technology includes any communication tool that utilizes technology application to deliver text, audio, images or animation.  The learning may be synchronous and asynchronous, linear or collaborative. 

An educational technologist or e-Learning expert (specialist) works in academic settings providing support and aiding with the development, implementation, and analysis of new technologies that improve the learning process. This includes computer hardware and software, developing e-Learning courses and projects, creating instruction videos, and sometimes setting up Learning Management Systems. Identifying the best technology for each learning application is key.  Duties also include identifying problems and deficiencies in programs being used and using that information to improve upon them.

Data Analysis

In search of someone to help upkeep of a "teacher Tiktok" used for
engagement of both students and other educators.

Internship duties would include:

  • Tracking trends on Tiktok with the purpose of using sounds/trends right before they go viral
  • Analyzing what seems to engage students and teachers the most
  • Helping to adapt existing trends in a clean, teacher-friendly way
  • Determining what trends can be used to increase participation and learning in a 7th grade English class

Content Specialist

In search of someone to assist with increasing a 7th grade English class's engagement by making teaching materials more culturally relevant for the middle school age.

Internship duties would include:

  • Adapting 7th grade English lesson objectives, existing resources, or existing assignments into social media-themed assignments, and then tracking which methods were most effective for engagement
  • Finding additional connections to pop culture (i.e., a popular song that could be used to teach imagery) would be helpful as well

Research Specialist

In search of a person who is bilingual, preferably Spanish, to help incorporate culturally relevant bilingual resources into a 7th grade English classroom.

Internship duties may include:

  • Helping with upkeep of a "teacher TikTok" by incorporating bilingual videos
  • Converting existing teaching resources to bilingual resources
  • Finding resources in the target language.

Although this is an English class, the goal is to have students using ALL languages they have at their disposal, including Spanish, French, German, informal slang, and other dialects. By manipulating all language in their repertoire at once, they can engage in meaningful, creative literacy practice that is otherwise hard to come by. Brainstorming opportunities to encourage students to use all their languages would be helpful.

eLearning Specialist

Instructional Design & Development

  • Coordinate instructional design projects from inception to completion 
  • Consult with faculty on instructional design and learning objectives
  • Assist in the development of instructional strategies, course materials, assessment techniques, appropriate integration of instructional technologies and best practices
  • Collaborate with digital media team to produce learning materials in a variety of formats including audio, video, animation, and multimedia to support teaching, learning, and information needs
  • Document instructional design processes and create tutorials as necessary

Teaching & Learning Support

  • Provide assistance to faculty in technology tools and methods, use of instructional software, and effective uses of multimedia
  • Research and make recommendations on educational best practices, instructional resources, instructional technologies and multimedia hardware/software to support teaching and learning

Instructional Assistant Designers

  • Create an ongoing, online process for communication and community building using Moodle as a resource
  • Work with staff, students, and teachers from the Urbana School District.
  • Help low-income minority students by mentoring and coaching their future career plans and pre-college program

SMMC (Student Money Management Center) 

  • Looking for undergrad students with good communication skills that are interested in data analysis and content creation internships
  • Interns will use a combination of Excel, SAS, R in the data analysis positions
  • Interns will use Canva and Webtools for content creation positions
  • Requires Course Credit
  • Requires 10 hours of work a week 
  • Gain presentation skills during weekly team meetings
  • Requires 2-3 meetings a week with client and team 

VR Projects

  • Multiple VR projects each semester having to do with programming, evaluating software as well as creating 360 content 
  • Experience in Unity, VR, and programming preferred
  • Create VR games, tours of campus, and even custom Beat Saber songs!